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CANNA CANNACURE Pest Control 750ml, 1L, 5L


  • Controls and prevents pests and diseases
  • Non-polluting and non-toxic
  • No influence on the taste
  • growth-enhancing
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Care and protect with Cannacure plants

The Dutch fertilizer manufacturer Canna offers with its Cure products an ideal solution to effectively control mildew and pests. As a leaf nutrient, Cannacure also promotes the healthy development of the flowers without resorting to toxins or environmentally harmful substances. In this way, the fertilizer guarantees vigorous growth, large flowers and increased yields. In the following you can find detailed information about the mode of action and possible applications of Cannacure.

control plant pests in a natural way

When whitefly, powdery mildew, spider mites, aphids, mealy bugs and other pests attack their plants, Canna's Cure products are the ideal choice for effective crop protection. The rich concentrate is effective against many different diseases, parasites and pests. While chemical pesticides poison flowers, fruit and soil, Cure products are environmentally friendly and avoid pollution. On the contrary, the Cannacure products naturally stimulate plant growth and stimulate flower formation. The result is not only effective pest protection, but also powerful, healthy and productive plant growth. The Cure products help against the following infestation symptoms:

  • White fly
  • Mildew
  • Spider mites
  • Aphids
  • mealy bugs

keep diseases and plant pests under control

With Cannacure you get an active substance-rich product that controls many plant diseases and reduces pest infestations quickly and significantly. The Cure products from Canna are based on many years of research and convince more and more growers. The application is simple, fast and versatile. The products are sprayed onto infested areas in the correct dosage. For prevention the whole plant can be included. Cannacure forms a fine protective layer that repels pest attacks. The layer also improves the leaf colour and increases the vitality of the plants. At the same time, it is breathable and ensures the supply of oxygen. In this way, optimal photosynthesis is guaranteed. With Cure products, the plants have to invest less energy in pest control and can concentrate on flowering. Pests get stuck on the sticky layer and cannot penetrate it. This protects the leaves from damage. At the same time, Canna's Cure products provide nutrients and additives to the plants, making them more resistant and promoting uniform growth.

How do you use cannacure?

The unique combination of pesticide and fertilizer is simple and versatile in application. Make sure that both sides of the leaves are sprayed evenly with the hand sprayer. Apply the Cure products once a week. Also use the products preventively to ensure growth success and yields. In case of pest infestation, spray the Cure products every three days. Repeat this until the infestation has disappeared. You can use the Cure products flexibly from the beginning of the growth phase to the harvest, even in addition to your usual fertiliser routine. The Cure products are non-toxic and safe for humans and animals. Here are the main advantages of the pesticide at a glance:

  • controls diseases and pest infestations
  • has a preventive effect
  • contains no toxic or environmentally harmful substances
  • does not affect the taste of the fruits and flowers
  • promotes plant growth

The Cure products as leaf and flower nutrients

The Cure products are not only an effective pesticide, but also contain important nutrients and additives to strengthen leaves and flowers. The plants are stimulated to produce large flowers and fruits. When used regularly, the mixing ratio is 330 milliliters of concentrate to one liter of water. The concentrate is diluted accordingly and filled into a hand sprayer ready for use. The Cannacure products are available here in the Growshop in one and five liter pack sizes. For effective plant protection, get Canna's Cure products in top quality and at a reasonable price.

Available in:

  • CANNA CANNACURE 5 litres

Tillverkare: Canna
Tillsatser: Enzymer
Gödning: organisk
Fas: Tillväxt
Storlek: 1 L5 L750 ml

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