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COMBIDEC Ducting ø160mm, Length 3 meter

Artikelnummer: 10191

  • Ljustät, robust och helt flexibel
  • Temperaturområde från -30° till +140 °C
  • Max. Driftstryck +3000 Pa
  • Max. Lufthastighet 30 m/s
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Leveransdatum: 05.10.2023 - 09.10.2023

Light-transmissive, flexible Combidec air tube, very robust.

Combidec ducts are light-proof, robust, full-flexible, light laminated ducts for a variety of application possibilities. The duct consists of several aluminum and polyester layers with a hidden wire spiral. The duct can easily be connected to round as well as oval connection pieces. The fire resistance of the Combidec ducts has been tested in several countries after international valid norms.

The Combidec series uses an aluminum laminated duct with an external layer of co-polymer. The used aluminum laminate was specifically developed and is composed of a so called "sandwich construction". The different layers of aluminum and polyester overlap each other completely. Thereby the construction becomes extra strong. The external layer is wear-proof and steam-tight, which makes the duct more resistant at the outside.

Technical details:
  • Temperature range (°C): -30 / +140
  • Maximum operating pressure (Pa): +3000
  • Maximum velocity (m/s): 30
  • Material composition: 6 layers
  • Minimum bending radius: 0,54 X ø
  • Length 3 meter
  • Connection diameter: 160 mm

  • Tillverkare:
  • Storlek: 160 mm
  • Produktvikt: 0,92 kg

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