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Garden Highpro Grow Tent EcoPro 60 - EcoPro 240L 18614

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Garden HighPro presents its most economical line of Probox grow tents. The Probox EcoPro cabinet. The prestigious Swiss brand offers you the quality of the
materials and manufacture of its Probox range, but at a really affordable price. Made with 420D certified density braided Nylon. The interior is coated with
Mylar aluminum with a guaranteed 97% reflection. With reinforced zippers with double stitched impervious to light and load capacity of up to 23 kg.

They have everything you need so that you can equip them with all the instruments you need to turn them into a true climate-controlled biological laboratory.
For this, all models have between one and two front doors, with one or two windows with velcro cover. One passive breathing window and two air extraction hoses,
except for the 240L model which has three. For wiring, only this latest model is provided with a circular hose for this purpose.

The Probox EcoPro are coated with Mylar Premium aluminum capable of giving a unique reflection of 97%. This aluminum adheres to a layer of ultra-resistant
420D Nylon braided fabric, which gives it great durability. It is provided with a waterproof floor as a mounting part that gives it greater versatility. Its
thick zipper closures have a double stitching that ensures its resistance to tearing and the opacity of the interior of the crop.

Its quadrangular frame, based on segments of hollow aluminum tubes, is easily assembled by inserting the tubes into the different plastic joints included for this purpose.


  • Material made from a lightweight and robust 420D nylon fabric.
  • reflectance of 97% thanks to high-quality Mylar coating
  • extra strong and light-proof zips (double stitched)
  • Patented, strong and stable structure
  • Integrated viewing window in front door
  • Inlets and outlets for supply and/or exhaust air as well as cable ducts
  • Diameter support tubes: Ø16mm
  • Maximum load capacity: 23 kg

Available in:

  • Garden Highpro EcoPro Grow Tent 60 - 60x60x140 cm
  • Garden Highpro EcoPro Grow Tent 80 - 80x80x160 cm
  • Garden Highpro EcoPro Grow Tent 100 - 100x100x200 cm
  • Garden Highpro EcoPro Grow Tent 120 - 120x120x200 cm
  • Garden Highpro EcoPro Grow Tent 150 - 150x150x200 cm
  • Garden Highpro EcoPro Grow Tent 240L - 240x120x200 cm

There are no straps in the EcoPro Grow Tents. We recommend optionally to buy for the mounting of your ventilation the Fixation belts Set of 4.

  • Tillverkare:
    Garden Highpro
  • Storlek monterad (LxBxH): 100 x 100 x 200 cm120 x 120 x 200 cm240 x 120 x 200 cm80 x 80 x 160 cm60 x 60 x 140 cm150 x 150 x 200 cm
  • Grow Area: 1 m²2,25 m²0,64 m²0,36 m²2,88 m²1,44 m²
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