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HPS-Högtrycks natrium lampor

Shine your plants in the right light with sodium vapor lamps

A sodium vapour lamp, or HPS for short, is a plant lamp that obtains its yellow light from a gas discharge into sodium vapour. At 150 lm/W (lumen per watt), this lamp has an extraordinarily high luminous efficacy. Sodium vapour lamps consist of a discharge vessel (burner) filled with sodium and an inert gas, which for thermal insulation is located in an evacuated glass bulb in tubular or ellipsoidal form.

Many steam around light.

The gas filling is under high pressure during operation of the sodium vapour lamp. Due to the high operating temperature (approx. 1000 °C), the burner is made of high-purity transparent aluminium oxide ceramic and the electrode connections are made of niobium. The burner of the sodium vapour lamp is fixed in the glass bulb by strong metal wires, which at the same time serve as the power supply.

A plant needs light to breathe.

Of course, a plant also needs air to breathe. It is well known, however, that they inhale carbon dioxide and produce oxygen during photosynthesis. The right light is therefore crucial for the best results during flowering and growth.

red, yellow, blue and white. Which light spectrum is right when?

HPS lamps have a colour spectrum in the yellow/red range and are exclusively suitable for the flowering phase of the plants. The required blue component is missing for the growth phase. Metallhologen lamps (MH) with the corresponding spectrum (blue/white) can be found in our category MH illuminants growth or growth phase. If you are looking for a combination light source that provides the colour spectrum both in the flowering and in the growing phase, you will find it in the Dual light source category. It is worth comparing which lamp is optimal for your plants.

With a sodium vapor lamp you get watts for your money.

In addition to the optimum light for the flowering phase, the price also speaks for a sodium vapour lamp. Especially for beginners and indoor growers, who prefer to grow on a rather small area, it is recommended to buy this type of lighting. We have a wide range of brands from Osram, Phillips, Sylvania, Elektrox and many more. You can also find the right ballast in our shop. If you need a whole set of lamps, we can advise you and put together a lighting set.
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