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Professional plant laboratories for home use

The HomeLab has all the features you could wish for - and even more! Equip the HomeLab with the fan, lighting system and mounting system of your choice and you'll have the brightest, most professional and cost-effective growing space available today. The HomeLab uses a highly reflective, waterproof and extremely insulating thermal film inside (offering thermal protection up to 97%). This film is also non-toxic and does not emit harmful gases that can damage sensitive plants. All zippers used in the tent are extremely durable. The HomeLab uses inlet/outlet nozzles that allow them to be adapted to different pipe networks. Hangers mean that hose clamps are no longer necessary, and the installation of pipe networks and fans can be carried out quickly and easily. The HomeLab also uses the same type of lining to allow cables and pipes to enter and exit the structure without light entering. All HomeLab models have a lined opening in the rear corner of the roof to which an exhaust fan can be attached. Instead of fixing the fan inside the tent, you can simply insert it into the roof mouth, which is a simple and effective installation solution. This not only provides a secure, opaque fit (the fan cannot detach from the suspension due to vibration and fall onto the plants), it also eliminates a heat-generating device in the climate chamber (although the fan can still be mounted inside if desired). Passive inlets with a Velcro cover are located near the tent floor and can be easily opened or closed depending on the ventilation setting.

The frame of the HomeLab consists of thick metal rods, making it robust enough for everyday use. The poles are powder-coated for rust protection, which further facilitates assembly and gives a visually appealing appearance. The ceiling frame poles are removable, making it much easier to place the lamps, filters or other elements you wish to install here. The ceiling poles have been improved to accommodate considerably more weight, especially in the middle (a place where most tents tend to sag). Their new construction allows them to snap into position; although they are mobile, they remain in the desired position and do not slip.

The new corner connections are made of a polymer that bends under extreme pressure instead of bursting prematurely. These fittings are much stronger than competitive fittings (plastic or metal) and do not rust as is the case with metal fittings. Their design makes installation much easier compared to other tents, as the frame poles slide easily into the fittings with little or no resistance. No metal strips that rust or break at their place of installation. All HomeLab models come with complete instructions and colour illustrations.
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