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Secret Jardin TLED Growth 26W, 42W

Artikelnummer: TLED_Wuchs

  • 26W & 42W LED for growth or daylight replacement
  • suitable for small rooms
  • can be used with an HPS lamp
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TLED 26W/42W

TLED lighting from Secret Jardin with the latest lighting technology without yield loss

The economical Secret Jardin TLED fitting for the grow phase is the ideal supplement to conventional lighting. The TLED Led armature can be attached directly to the side bars of the Grow Tents with plastic clips as additional lighting to ensure perfect illumination of the plants in the lower area. It is also possible to attach the TLED Led bar to the roof bars to use it as the main lighting. The LED Grow Lights can also be used as overwintering lighting (daylight substitute) for all plants for which daylight is otherwise insufficient in terms of duration and intensity during the winter months.

Advantages of the Secret Jardin TLED at a glance

  • For small rooms with low gain requirements
  • Can also be used in combination with an HPS lamp
  • 5 times longer life without loss of output
  • Higher light penetration than TCL or T8 technology
  • Best light spectrum of all technologies
  • Optimal grow area:
    • For 26W about 60x40 cm
    • For 42W about 120x60 cm

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x LED fitting ready for connection
  • 6x plastic clips for mounting

Available in:

  • Secret Jardin TLED 26W Growth
  • Secret Jardin TLED 42W Growth

If you have any questions, our support is there for you by phone and in the Growshop on site in Hamburg.


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