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Advanced Nutrients Gödning

The right growth formula for every plant breeding

Advanced Nutrients has been revolutionising the plant nutrient and hydroponic fertiliser range has been revolutionising the plant nutrient and hydroponics industry for years. The Advanced Nutrients' award-winning fertiliser ensures the maximum increase the bud weight of every crop and is suitable for every home grower grower - from beginners to professional growers.

Patented pH Perfect® technology takes your yield to a new level. level. Between the wide range of almost completely organic and synthetic-organic and synthetic-organic blends, you're sure to find the exact fertiliser with the optimal growth formula for your hydroponics homegrow. The approach of Advanced Nutrients is to develop solutions for the to develop solutions for the problems and needs of its customers and to innovative and useful products onto the market.

Advanced Nutrients has already developed dozens of powerful growth growth formulas, including the Sensi Pro ® Two Plus- programme, which contains weekly micro-adapted formulations that are designed to meet the changing needs of your plants as they flower and during flowering and maturation. The quality of the fertiliser varieties also proves that all Advanced Nutrients products come with an unparalleled 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Check out our shop for the diverse selection, portion sizes and and sizes in our shop and see for yourself the power of pH Perfect® basic nutrient lines.
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