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You're a true home gardener, but don't know which fan is right for your growing system? You're in the right place. Our range includes inline fans, duct fans, circulation fans, axial fans and fan boxes.

What is the difference?
Inline fans are a good choice for use with active carbon filters. They are very well suited for supply and exhaust air in your home habitat. Inline fans have low energy consumption. In addition, inline fans are quieter than other fans.

Duct fans are available in different versions, for example duct fans that are insulated against noise or "Prima Klima" brand duct fans, both of which are particularly quiet. Semi-radial fans can be installed in offices, in restaurants or apartments, because they always provide enough fresh air.

Circulating fans are the fans that we use in the summer to fight the heat. Circulation fans move the air and help plants grow better. If you are afraid of overheating, circulation fans are the easiest solution.

Axial fans look like small turbines. Axial fans are particularly useful for ventilating your HOMEbox or small spaces. Because it may lead to the development of odors, axial fans should not be used with an activated carbon filter.

Fan boxes make up the ventilation systems of professionals. Fan boxes contain a centrifugal fan, located in a metal box. The fan boxes do all the work automatically and ensure that your plants always have enough fresh air. They are very quiet because they have a foam sound insulation integrated into metal housing.

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