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Kompletta Paket

Our complete grow kits are especially suitable for everyone, who wants to get into the cultivation of plants and wants to obtain the perfectly complied package that contains everything needed for a good and easy start. We offer complete sets for growboxes and for the ventilation, illumination, fertilization and propagation, as well as irrigation. The basis for a successful plant cultivation are the growboxes, which are available in different sizes. That way you are able to choose the one, that suits your requirements perfectly. The boxes have a double bottom and are waterproof.

Very important is the illumination of the plants and for that reason our growboxes come with strong illuminants and are made with a highly reflecting, silver colored coating. Besides the illumination, the ventilation also plays a main role for plant cultivation. Therefore, the complete grow sets include ventilation systems as well. The illumination and ventilation systems are also available separately.

For an easy start, we offer propagation sets. These sets contain a propagation fertilizer to strengthen the cuttings, jiffy turf swelling pots, as well as an illuminant and a time switch. Depending on how many cuttings are supposed to be grown, we have sets in different sizes available. For an ideal plant cultivation our fertilizer sets are a good option and in the wide range of products you will surely find the proper fertilizer. For the irrigation we have complete sets available as well, which are also known as "vacation irrigation".

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