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There is a lot of equipment available which should not miss in any watering system. Starting with check valves, gate valves to water filters which prevent any pollution of the system. Otherwise the capillaries and drippers can block which would have a negative influence on the stability of the water pressure.

Climate change à la minute.

With an irrigation computer (irrigation timer) or a multifunctional climate controller, you can regulate plant irrigation a nd, depending on the type of device, the climate at intervals. So you can automatically control the water supply, temperature and humidity in your indoor garden. Saving time, electricity and water are further advantages of a timer based climate control besides the more effective plant supply and optimal growth conditions. You can easily set the timer and duration using the controls. With multifunction devices that offer more features than an automatic water timer, the menu navigation and the settings are arranged clearly and user-friendly via a display.

Irrigation timer - the solution for the controlled supply of nutrient solution.

A control centre for irrigation is highly recommended for indoor garden operators. The Timer is ideal for time-controlled ebb & flow systems, as well as normal drip irrigation systems or NFT systems. The pulse and interval time can be set individually for day and night irrigation. Depending on the model, the day/night switchover is controlled via a photocell or the mains input. The water stop regulates the water supply or the interruption of the water supply even if the tap is turned on.

Full climate control with the GrowControll Complete set

You can conveniently monitor and precisely control the growth conditions of more ambitious indoor cultivation projects with a multifunctional control centre such as the GROWBASE EC PRO. Several devices and sensors can be connected to it and set separately, as the four sockets can be assigned different functions. With an additional device, you can expand the controller by 25 connection options. One socket can be loaded with up to 2,300 watts, which makes it possible to connect fan heaters. In addition to the basic functions, the GROWBASE EC PRO can be used to control fans, temperature, humidity and CO2 content. This saves you electricity, water and hours of manual work. More detailed information can be found in our product descriptions of the individual controllers and controller sets.

Aquarium Heaters keep the right temperature

The nutrient tank temperature is not to be underestimated for a plants cultivation because water too chilly can have a negative effect on its development. To reach and keep the right temperature in the tank we recommend to use an aquarium heater.

Water Filters a must have

Water filters are a necessary tool in each irrigation system. Especially when you are absent for a few days it is important to have a reliable water filter running to prevent the system from beeing clogged by floating particles in the nutrient solution. Otherwise a vegetation dieback would be inavoidable.

Dose a good drop even better.

To better dose nutrients and additives such as Booster and PK 13/14 before feeding them to the irrigation system or directly to the plants, measuring cups, pipettes and syringes are useful tools for precise dosing. While a beaker can be used to measure whole liters, a pipette can be used to measure the amount of fertilizer to the drop. In order to maintain the exact dosage of the fertilizer manufacturers so that the optimum EC value can be achieved for the appropriate stage of the plant, exact dosage options are important. Especially with extremely effective boosters there is the risk of overdosing and it is advisable to pipette.

loyal servers in all formats.

We offer measuring cups with a capacity and a scale from 50ml to 3L. For smaller dosages we offer pipettes with units from 2ml to 25ml. Of course, all graduated pipettes, measuring cups, syringes and other products, such as the pipetting ball, are transparent and labelled with exact scales. This makes measuring even the smallest quantities easy. The dosing units are made of robust material, mostly plastic, are also suitable for chemicals and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

Maximum growth thanks to milliliter accurate fertilization.

With drip-free pipette tips and a residue-free spout for maximum accuracy, bulb pipettes are ideally suited. When growing different plants, it is advisable to buy a set of dosing devices. The advantages of accurate dosing are clearly evident in the healthy growth of the plants and ultimately in the success of the harvest. Pipettes are also an ideal tool for analyzing nutrient solutions and taking samples.

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