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Odour remover and the stench will evaporate.

There are many reasons for the cultivation in the own dwelling. First of all, you can grow plants without a garden or balcony. However, the cultivation of herbs, vegetables and flowers in one's own household may also be associated with an intense smell, which one would rather remove from the kitchen and house. This is precisely why the Canadian company ONA has been producing high-quality odour neutralisers since 1995. The company specialises in the removal of unpleasant odours and uses its many years of experience to achieve professional odour neutralisation using biochemistry.

air fresheners that do not stink to the environment.

Thanks to sophisticated combinations of essential oils of vegetable origin, Ona cleaners neutralise almost all odours and are environmentally friendly at the same time. In comparison to a conventional household remedy or cleaning agent, the odours are not simply masked, but the cause is really neutralised by the microorganisms. The Ona odour killers themselves have only a very slight and inconspicuous odour of their own and the enzymes of the cleaner completely eliminate all disturbing odours in a chemical process - similar to products from the manufacturer Bactodes. After application, only a clean and fresh scent remains, even with textiles. The odour killers can be used everywhere and permanently. This odour eliminator is suitable for use in cars as well as for covering unpleasant odours in sports bags or toilets. To neutralise odours, there are also electronic devices such as ozone generators, which can filter pollutants out of the air. These are however rather not necessary for the indoor cultivation.
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