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Ph/Ec Mätare

With the measurement devices for the PH/EC-value, you always have an eye on your planting soil to make sure it never gets over-fertilized. Thereby you create the perfect conditions for a healthy plant growth. In our shop you find several devices by many different producers.

That gives you the opportunity to choose between a specialized device that indicates only the PH- or the EC- value, or you can also pick one of the PH/EC combination devices.

The Bluelab Guardian monitor is a professional device, that measures besides the PH/EC-value also the temperature. The device can run permanently and has a blinking display, which indicates when a value is not at its optimum. Other high-quality combination devices are available also by Hanna Instruments and Milwaukee.

The measurement devices by Adwa, for example, are small and robust, specialized on one value and suitable for the private use. Furthermore, we also offer pH test-kits with test strips for one-time use, as well as useful equipment for your measurement device. Also calibration solutions for the exact calibration of the devices, as well as special cleaning solutions for the measuring electrodes count to our assortment.
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