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In addition to lighting, good ventilation is of one of the most important factors when growing plants in a greenhouse. Therefore, we have all ventilation fittings here that are used when installing a system for supplying fresh air. Our range of ventilation fittings consists of 90°, 45° and 15° arcs, T and Y pieces, connectors and reducers, connection flanges, check valves and end caps.

The ventilation fittings are all rigid structures, which advantageously keep their shape under a heavy strain or when bent. Using ventilation fittings prevent compressive strain on the ventilation, which could otherwise lead to a reduction or blockage in the air supply. Connectors and reducers help to connect rigid tubes and flexible hoses together. As an additional advantage, reducers make it possible to connect pipes and/or hoses with different opening diameters. Thanks to the reducers, different ventilation systems can be interconnected if you want to, for example, renew or expand your system.

Check valves, which are also known as backwater valves, are also very useful. Due to the nature of their construction, check valves let air through in only one direction. Therefore, they are used to prevent undesired cold air does not from entering the greenhouse or hot air from escaping. Check valves can be used as either end pieces or connectors in a ventilation system.
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