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Ljus för sticklingar

Lighting for cuttings and propagation

Special light conditions are important for the propagation of plants, i.e. for cuttings, seedlings and the growth of young plants. The young plants do not need as much light as plants in the flowering phase. The evaporation of the leaves should be as low as possible so that a high humidity can be maintained. Sodium vapour lamps, which produce high luminous intensity and heat, should therefore be avoided in any case, but neon tubes should be used. We offer here different neon tube sets with reflectors and also single neon tubes. With the TNeon Set, optimum illumination is achieved by matching the neon tubes to the reflector, which is ideal for both cuttings and mother plants. An electronic ballast, a plug cable and the appropriate light sources are already integrated.

The Starlight cuttings fitting with high-quality Philips components offers very high lumens per watt, is therefore energy-saving, and can be used for all growth stages, from cutting to the vegetative growth phase. Here a strongly reflecting hammer blow reflector is used.

We also offer neon tubes without reflector for the cultivation of young plants. The fluorescent tubes are 60 cm long and can be used with the fittings. These sets contain a cuttings fitting with two fluorescent tubes and a plug cable. From Philips there are lamps matching the T-Neon fittings with 36 W and the light color Cool Daylight with 6500 Kelvin or Cool White with 4000 Kelvin. This neon light is ideal for propagating plants, i.e. cuttings and young plants.
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