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Irrigation systems so that plants are not left dry.

In addition to sufficient light, uniform irrigation is also important for the growth of the plants. It is important for the development of the plant that neither too much nor too little water is used. In this category you will find different irrigation sets for hydroponic cultivation or planting on soil. Depending on the number of plants to be irrigated, there are suitable micro-irrigation sets. With a holiday irrigation, also called micro irrigation, you can save yourself the imprecise watering by hand. The automatic irrigation system relieves you of a lot of work during indoor growing and ensures that your plants always get enough water. All you have to do is check the water tank container regularly and fill it up if necessary.

Drip irrigation as if from a single mould.

Micro-irrigation is easy to install and delivers the right amount of water to each plant drop by drop. The submersible pump contained in the holiday irrigation set is placed in the nutrient tank and the capillary tubes are fixed in the substrate of the individual pots. With fewer plants, the remaining capillaries can be disconnected or returned to the tank. The water distribution of the holiday irrigation can be controlled practically with a timer, which you can find in our spare parts & accessories section. The micro irrigation set is exactly matched to the pump line and should therefore not be changed. The respective irrigation system can be easily installed in the appropriate growbox. The pump and the tank should be parked outside the greenhouse, otherwise they take up unnecessary space.

A watering solution for up to 100 plants.

In addition to holiday irrigation for a smaller number of plants, we have a high-quality irrigation system for plants with up to 100 plants in our range. This professional set is also easy to handle and install. The system is flexible. It can be extended with connectors and PE pipe or several drippers can be inserted into one plant to water evenly. In the PE hose the holes with the contained punch can be set depending upon need. The professional irrigation fits perfectly to our HOMEbox Ambient R240 with 50-100 plant pots. We also have irrigation systems that are especially suitable for hydroponics.
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