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Our slogan: grow your own

Are you worried about steeply rising foodprices and prices for agricultural products? Do you feel unsure about the real meaning of phrases like "product of certified organic agriculture" And you are interested in running your own Indoor Garden in a sustainable way? Then growland is the website of your choice! Because our slogan is "grow your own" !

We have everything in stock a gardeners heart could ask for. Professional lighting kits and ventilation-systems up to a size of 8000 cbm plus organic fertilizers for a perfect growth of your beloved plants.

"grow your own" stands for a sustainable space-saving growing method right in the city at the intention of receiving a flawless organic product.

About us:

Growland is one of the largest growshops in europe with a top-class value for money ratio. Our shop in the heart of Hamburg offers you products and advice of top quality, with all products to touch and see in our big showroom.

Due to the fact that we love what we do we stand by the quality of our products always aiming to get the best out of everything for our customers.

Our slogan says and means "grow your own" Each day the whole team is working hard for a quick, discreet and trustful shipping of our goods to our customers all over europe. we are constantly trying to better our service because we always put our customers first.

Welcome to our Showroom located right in the heart of Hamburg City.
On an exhibition space of 400 sqm followed by 1000 sqm of stock we present to you our Bestsellers like different types of ballasts, reflectors, ventilation and irrigation systems and much more...

You can try and test the wellknown Fans from PrimaKlima or Soler & Palau (S&P) to see how they work with and without a silencer and also test various systems for climate control.

Of course we do also have irrigation items like hoses, pumps and connectors to see and feel for you.

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