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Care for optimal grow weather all year round.

In this main category you find everything you need to optimally control the climate in your greenhouse or conservatory (winter garden). A prober climate control is essential for plant cultivation, since already the slightest discrepancy can lead to a failure. Therefore, we offer a variety of products to generate the perfect climatic environment for your plants.

Our products are divided in several sub-categories:

Hygro- Thermometer:These devices combine meters for temperature and humidity
Fan control: This category contains all products for the control of supply and exhaust air systems
Thyristor speed controllers: They regulate the revolution speed of ventilators and aeration systems
Heaters: Here you find several heaters, like electro and industrial fan-heaters
Step transformer: These devices are used, when the power output is too high for some devices, or if you want to control the number   of revolutions of connected pumps or ventilators exactly
Humidity: Here are all products shown, that help to regulate the humidity. To this category belong air humidifier, mist generators,   digital humidifier controllers, as well as ultrasonic air humidifier and of course the corresponding replacement parts, e.g. membranes
CO2 Supply: This category lists a choice of devices used for CO2 enrichment. An increased amount of CO2 in your greenhouse can   boost the growth of your plants up to 30 %. In addition, also CO2 refill tabs and a digital CO2 controller are available
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