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Fertiliser set: Grow fertiliser set for indoor cultivation

In addition to light and water, growing plants need the right grow fertiliser for the respective growth phase. Here we offer combined fertiliser sets from well-known manufacturers such as Canna, BioBizz, Plagron, Terra Aquatica by GHE, Advanced Nutrients, Hesi, BioTabs, Green House Feeding, Advanced Hydroponics, each containing nutrients for the growth and flowering phase. We offer starter sets through to organic fertiliser for all requirements. You're sure to find the right thing for your plants here! the right thing for your plants!

BioBizz fertiliser or the Biocanna fertiliser series are the most popular fertilisers for organic cultivation. organic cultivation. For the growth phase from about 10 cm up to fruit production, BioBizz Grow is a liquid fertiliser that is suitable for most soil and substrate mixtures. substrate mixtures. For the flowering phase until harvest time, BioBizz Bloom with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is used.

From Canna there is an Easy-Starter Set with both components. Canna Terra Vega for the growth phase on soil strengthens root growth and the formation of strong shoots. shoots. Besides many nitrogen compounds, Canna Terra Vega contains high-quality trace elements for faster growth. Canna Terra Flores is the counterpart for the flowering phase. and ensures lush flowering.

Hesi Fertilizer Set combines Hesi TNT-Complex for vigorous growth and Hesi Flowering Complex for the flowering phase. Indoor and outdoor. The Plagron Terra Set combines Plagron Terra Bloom and Plagron Terra Grow, which particularly strengthen the plants' resistance to pests and plant diseases. plant diseases. Terra Aquatica by GHE offers a 3-component fertiliser with TriPart FloraMicro, which supports the Bloom and Grow components as a basis. as a basis.

Our fertiliser offers:

  • BioBizz fertiliser sets
  • Canna fertiliser sets
  • Advanced Nutrients fertiliser sets
  • Green House Feeding fertiliser sets
  • Plagron Fertiliser Sets
  • Hesi fertiliser sets
  • Biocanna fertiliser sets
  • Terra fertiliser sets
  • BioTabs fertiliser sets
  • Advanced Hydroponics fertiliser sets
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