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PE- och PVC-bevattning

Here you find everything you need to compose irrigation systems for your greenhouses, which secure the water and nutrient supply of your plants. For bigger and long-term operating systems especially the PVC-irrigation is recommendable, since in this system the single pipe elements are permanently connected with tangit-glue.

It is a permanent construction with no leaks at the connecting pieces. We offer angle brackets, couplers, t-pieces made of PVC with the common diameter of 32 mm, as well as nozzle diffusers with drip hoses and the according accessories. Also for the irrigation with reusable polyethylene-hoses we have the right couplers, hose connections and sealing ends in different diameters available. In addition, we sell stopcocks and valves with screw thread or plug socket, which regulate the amount of the water flow in your irrigation system. To ensure that everything goes where it is supposed to be, there are also capillary hoses and dripper, through which the nutrient solution drips directly on the desired spot, available in our shop. The proper tools like drill, punching press, and glue complete our assortment of goods.
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