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Ventilation Tillbehör

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Ventilation with all that goes with it

In order to install your ventilation system sensibly, you need various additional products depending on the room. The ventilation, ventilation pipes and fittings are fastened with e.g. ventilation clamps, hose clamps and sleeves. Thanks to the insulation insert, fastening sleeves do not produce structure-borne noise. The clamps and sleeves are available in various sizes and formats, as are the pipe fittings. You can also find flexible perforated tape, expansion plugs and hanger bolts in our ventilation accessories category at a good price.

ventilation grilles that only leave air for fresh air

To prevent animals and insects from entering the ventilation pipe, you should install a ventilation grille at the end of your ventilation system. The grilles are available in different designs - with coarse and fine meshed grilles. In order to filter out even smaller pests and particles in both supply and exhaust air, filter systems such as the pocket filter are ideal. These can also be used to remove odours from the exhaust air. Our service team will be happy to assist you with advice on ventilation technology and installation tips so that nothing circulates through the good piece of ventilation as a full pipe of fresh air.
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