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Ventilation Tillbehör

Ventilation with all that goes with it

In order to install your ventilation system sensibly, you need various additional products depending on the room. The ventilation, ventilation pipes and fittings are fastened with e.g. ventilation clamps, hose clamps and sleeves. Thanks to the insulation insert, fastening sleeves do not produce structure-borne noise. The clamps and sleeves are available in various sizes and formats, as are the pipe fittings. You can also find flexible perforated tape, expansion plugs and hanger bolts in our ventilation accessories category at a good price.

Constant sealing even if temperatures vary

Here you will find rolls of high quality aluminium adhesive tape, fabric tape and PVC sealing tape for a range of different applications. Aluminium tape consists of a thin aluminium foil. On one side there is a heat resistant layer of adhesive. For protection, a thin layer is attached to it on wax paper, which you have to peel off before gluing. Aluminium adhesive tape has the advantage that it does not crack or become brittle even at extreme or strongly fluctuating temperatures. It is particularly suitable for sealing pipelines, which can be attached very stable and perfectly closed by the aluminium layer. This ensures that neither air nor heat can escape into the environment.

Duct tape consists of a long tape of plastic film, paper or textile fabric coated with an adhesive on one or both sides. There are many different types of fabric tape in which the properties of different materials play a role. It can be used as a universal adhesive tape for all applications.

The PVC duct tape we offer consists of a thin foil made of PVC plastic and an adhesive tape. PVC sealing tape is less stiff than aluminium tape and is also suitable for sealing various places against the escape of water or air. This ensures the maximum efficiency of your installation, which is reflected in minimised costs for water and electricity.

The choice of the right belt is also decisive for the stability of your system. With our selection of aluminium adhesive tape, fabric tape and PVC sealing tape, you are prepared for every application.
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