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BioBizz Easy-Starter Kit for soil 2x 1L

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BioBizz fertilizer is the number one for grower and gardeners who emphasize the organic cultivation.
Here you find the two most important components of the popular series combined in one set.
Ideal for starting on Earth .

- BioBizz Grow 1L
- BioBizz Bloom 1L
- Incl. fertilizing instructions by BioBizz

BioBizz Grow
BioBizz Grow is a liquid growth-fertilizer that can be used with most types of soil and substrate mixtures. BioBizz Grow activates thanks to its basis of 100% Dutch organic sugar beet extracts, commonly known as 'Vinasse', the bacterial flora in the substrate. Vinasse is a syrup that contains sugar.
The natural sugar and potassium in the BioBizz Grow are the guarantee for a rich harvest of sweet fruits.
BioBizz Grow is a perfect fertilizer for the growing period. Start using it as soon as the first leaves appear and the plant has reaches a height of 10 to 15 cm. Keep using BioBizz until the end of the fruit production.

2 - 4 ml per liter water. Repeat with each watering
NPP: 4.0-3.0-6.0

BioBizz Bloom
BioBizz Bloom is a pure organic fertilizer that contains a small amount of nitrogen and enough phosphor and potassium to guarantee a lush blossom. Micronutrients and hormones of herbal origin are added as well to support the blooming process.
BioBizz Bloom also contains enzymes and amino acid, which act together, in order that the soil boosts the flower and fruit production. Therefore BioBizz is an independent acting fertilizer that can be used for the cultivation in soil, without soil or in soil that is enriched with coconut fat.
Furthermore BioBizz generates strong trunks and thus strong plants.

BioBizz Bloom can be used starting with the flowering period until the time of harvest. BioBizz suggest to add 2-4 ml Bio?Bloom? per liter water.

The nutrients in BioBizz Bloom:
Potassium helps with the production and the blooming of the petals and flower bud. Phosphor is also necessary for the growth of the petals as well as the calyx. Especially the adding of potassium to the nutritive program, in addition to a change of the day / night rhythm, evokes that the plant receives the trigger for reproduction


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