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BioTabs Gödning

The organic "plant- & flower method" by BioTabs counts on a very diverse and unique mixture of useful humus, beneficial microorganisms and symbiotic fungi. It allows a rich harvest with extraordinary texture, natural taste and very good development. BV is spatialized in the isolation and conservation of beneficial bacteria and fungi, so that its effectiveness gets preserved. BioTabs was able to grow mycorrhiza spurs and to dehydrate them during the germination. The bacteria and fungi are still alive and are put into resting state. As soon as the bacteria get in contact with water, they start to wake up and reproduce. BV is an innovative Dutch research company and manufacturer of organic fertilizer and soil enhancer products. BV is a cultivator with over 30 years of experience. They started to test the organic cultivation 5 Years ago, which was a turning point for the company. The results were amazing and the smell and taste of the rich harvest incomparable. This was the beginning of the search for the ultimate organic cultivation method.

- Organic cultivation
- Natural taste
- No pH- and conductivity measurement necessary
- Exclusive use of tab water
- Already used soil gets revitalized

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