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Nitrile Gloves blue size S,M,L,XL 100 pcs.

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Nitrile gloves - resistant, non-sterile and powder-free

The nitrile glove is made of a light nitrile material and is non-sterile and powder-free. It has a very good fit, which is why it provides the wearer with a very good tactile sensation. Thanks to a textured surface, the disposable glove has a good grip. It is also possible to work with oily or greasy foodstuffs, as the glove is resistant to fats and oils. Furthermore, the nitrile glove can be used for medical purposes, as it is also resistant to chemicals and solvents. It is also tested against viruses, bacteria and fungi. The nitrile gloves are available in a practical dispenser box with 100 pieces in the colour blue.

  • Colour: Blue
  • Length: 24cm
  • Powder free & non-sterile
  • disposable gloves made of lightweight nitrile
  • very good fit, for a very good tactile sensation
  • grip due to textured surface
  • resistant, oil and grease resistant
  • resistant to chemicals and solvents
  • tested against viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • Pharmacy central number (PZN) available
  • Made of nitrile
  • content: 100 pieces
Available in:
  • Nitrile gloves blue size S - 100 pcs
  • Nitrile gloves blue size M - 100 pcs
  • Nitrile gloves blue size L - 100 pcs
  • Nitrile gloves blue size XL - 100 pcs

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