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Air Intake Filter Box ø100mm - ø315mm

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The air filter box with coarse particle filter is, as the name suggests, designed for filtering air that flows through round ducts. The metal housing is made of galvanised steel, the top closure is fastened by means of a buckle, this allows easy access to the filter. The supply air filter box also has two connections with EPDM seals.

The duct filter is equipped with a class EU3 filter element. The filter consists of filter element mats and is reinforced with a steel wire mesh. The filters are supplied in a protective foil, which must be removed before installation.

  • Diameter: ø100 - ø315 mm
  • Material: Galvanised sheet steel
  • Filter class: EU3
To connect two elements of fittings with the same diameter, you need a Straight connector of the appropriate size.

Air intake filters box available in:
  • Air Intake Filter Box ø100mm
  • Air Intake Filter Box ø125mm
  • Air Intake Filter Box ø150mm
  • Air Intake Filter Box ø160mm
  • Air Intake Filter Box ø200mm
  • Air Intake Filter Box ø250mm
  • Air Intake Filter Box ø315mm


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