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Hesi Easy Starter Kit for Soil 2x 1L 14964

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Deliverydate: 08.06.2023 - 12.06.2023
The two most important components of the favored Hesi fertilizer series combined in one set.

- Hesi TNT Complex 1L
- Hesi Bloom Complex 1L

Hesi TNT-Complex for the growth phase
TNT-Complex is a strong fertilizer that is at the same time gentle to the plant. The nitrogen, which is one of the components of TNT, is 100% organic. Organic nitrogen compounds do not have an EC-value, because they are not salts but have a high percentage of nitrogen. Thereby the young plants get only strained with a minimum of salts, which generates the ideal conditions for growth.
Thus TNT-Complex has a low EC-value but a high effectiveness. TNT-Complex contains all nutrients needed and is enriched with many vital-components (vitamins, amino acids, plant-active sugars), which guarantee a successful growth. Plants that get provided with TNT-Complex develop a high amount of sprouts, get strong and have a healthy green color.TNT-Complex should never be overdosed, since this can cause that the plant grows too high and then uses too much energy for the transport from the roots to the tips.

Dosing: 50 ml / 10 L
With very young plants or mother-plants: 25 ml / 10 L
Application: Add to the regular watering

Hesi Blüh-Complex for the blooming phase
For a rich blossom and strong plants indoors as well as outdoors.
Hesi Blüh-Complex contains extra vitality components that activate the florescence. These boost the energy-level of the plants and keep the ground vegetation healthy.
Starting with the maximum florescence we suggest the additional use of Hesi Phosphor Plus.

Dosing: 50ml/10 Liter Water
(Contains pH-corrector, which changes the ph-balance of tap water to a, for the plant optimal, slightly sour, value)
Composition: NPP 4+3+5
Nitrogen 4% N, Phosphor 3% P2O5, Potassium 5% K2O

  • Tillverkare:
  • Sammansättning: mineral
  • Fas: TillväxtFlower
  • Storlek: 1 L
  • Medium: JordCoco
  • Produktvikt: 2,38 kg

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