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Electronic speed controller STL6 0.5-6.0 A

Art.nr: 10805

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Electronic speed controller STL6 from 0.5 - to 6 amps, ideal for the control of fans and ventilators.

The electronic speed controller of the STL series controls the speed of single phase, through voltage controllable motors (230 Vac - 50 Hz), by changing the supply voltage using a phase angle control. A potentiometer and a separate lighted on/off switch is integrated. The slowest allowed speed can be set internally by a small trimmer (factory setting = 100 V). The connecting plate has an additional connection to circumvent the ON/OFF switch (automatic start), or to branch uncontrolled 230V (three-wire motor connection, valve, flap, etc.)

There are two operating modes, internally selectable by adding or removing the red jumper on the STK.

1. "Hard" start: The motor will always start (or restart) at the max. speed for 8-10 seconds, afterwards the motor speed will adjust automatically to the position that is determined by the potentiometer.
2. "Normal" start: The motor starts according to the position set by the potentiometer. The IP 54 housing permits the use as well in demanding environments.

Technical details:
- Rated current (A) 0.5 - 6.0 A
- Supply voltage: 230 V AC 50 Hz
- Dimensions L 178mm x W 113mm x H 92mm
- Continuous speed control
- Minimum speed adjustable by trimmer
- Illuminated On/Off switch
- Max. ambient temperature: 35° C (95° F)
- Plastic housing (R-ABS, UL94-V0, gray RAL 7035)
- IP 54

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