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Perlite 100 L Perligran Classic

Artikelnummer: 10109

  • 100 % natural and mineral
  • Pure medium can be reused up to five times
  • RHP certificate - purity, quality, weed-free and much more
  • Soil additive approved for organic farming and horticulture
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Perligran Classic - The all-natural inorganic amendment for growing media

Perlite Perligran Classic - A natural product with many applications
Perlite is a pure natural product that weighs little and has outstanding heat and sound insulation properties. As an extremely efficient building and insulating material it reduces energy consumption. Rapid and simple processing helps save additional time and money. The product is indispensable in gardening as well as in many industry applications and in soil purification. Knauf Perlite´s future provision of raw perlite is secured by a stake in a mine on the island of Milos in the Cyclades. This is one of the most significant perlite deposits in Europe. The first-class quality of the product meets the highest demands for industrial use. Delivered as raw perlite to Germany, the basic material is further processed and refined into numerous perlite products.

Small granules - outstanding characteristics
Perlite is a very versatile product. Its positive product properties make it an indispensable ingredient in many sectors. Further processing and enrichment by Knauf Perlite turns the raw perlite into a highly-specialised product with its own properties. As a mineral additive, perlite has a variety of uses not only in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, but also in the construction of systems for heat exchangers, oxygen/nitrogen containment, and in air separation plants as a first class insulating material.

Clean and safe
Perlite is non-flammable, and neither decays nor shrinks - even pests such as insects and fungi stand no chance against it. Subsequent to its original use, the material remains usable for decades to bring further benefits in other applications. For example, it can be applied with no problems as a soil additive to farm fields. Conclusion: minimal energy consumption, environmentally friendly production, a virtually unlimited life and re-usable at any time. Perlite not only brings economic benefits - the ecobalance is also positive.

  • porous structure
  • optimum aeration
  • improved wettability
  • increased water storage volume
  • superb capillary action and good drainage
  • less weight
  • chemical inertness
  • free of harmful substances, weed seeds, bacteria, mould, etc.
  • RHP-certified
  • non-flammable
Technical data PERLIGRAN® Classic:
  • Grain size: 0-6 mm
  • ph-value: Ø 7
  • Absolute density: 2.0-2.2 g/cm3
  • Bulk density: 90 kg/m3 ± 20 %
Because of the high postage costs, we have to calculate the supply of Perlite with a shipping surcharge, see estimated shipping costs.

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  • Produktvikt: 11,20 kg
  • Mått
    ( Längd × Bredd × Höjd ):
    80,00 × 50,00 × 20,00 cm
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