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Heated propagator 64/50 + temperature controller 60x40x25 cm

Artikelnummer: 11529

  • Outside dimensions: 60x40x25 cm
  • Propagator 64/50 heatable
  • controllable 50-watt heating system
  • Electronically fused
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Leveransdatum: 28.02.2024 - 01.03.2024
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The Propagator 64/50 is a heated, temperature regulated propagator for indoor and outdoor growing of all your cuttings and seeds.

Thanks to its good insulating and high-capacity heating system, this seed box is excellently suitable for the fast and healthy growing of seeds and cuttings that do not easily germinate or develop roots. The growing can be achieved at low as well as high ambient temperatures. The clear transparant cover assures the best possible incidence of light and the vent holes give extra control over humidity and temperature. The strong heating system realises temperatures up to +30° Celsius above ambient temperature". This means that the heating system in combination with the insulating outer box, is still capable of heating up the floor up to temperatures of 25-30° Celsius when the ambient temperature is 0° Celsius.

The strong, impact proof and insulating outer box and floor realise an effective radiant heat of the heating system, so that the heat only conducts to the inner floor and innerside of the propagator.

The combination of the high-capacity heating system and the insulating outer box make high temperatures possible, even at low ambient temperatures or a cold foundation (for example a cold greenhouse or glasshouse).

The temperature is adjustible by the operation of the included plug-in Dimmer.

Because of the tight fitting cover, growing in tensed air is possible as well.

The watertight inner box is made of polypropylene, a material that is good chemically resistant. For this reason it is possible to sow and multiply by cuttings in various different ways: pots on the floor / sand directly into the inner box / layer of water directly onto the floor / etc.. This also makes cleaning a very easy job.

The walls and roof of the clear transparant cover are slightly oblique and the cover has a brim which closes on the inside of the propagator, through which the dewdrops of the cover do not fall directly onto sowing-seed and/or cuttings, but glide back into the inner box via the walls of the propagator.

The high-quality components make this system to a very reliable system and the simple assembly offers the possiblity of adjusting or repairing the system by yourself.


  • Measures 60x40x25 cm
  • Temperature Regulation by Plug-In-Dimmer
  • Strong impact proof outerbox with high insulating capacity
  • Fully watertight inner box
  • Clear transparant cover
  • Humidity control with vent holes that can be closed
  • Mains connection: Schuko plug

Note: The propagator can be controlled with an optionally available thermostat, dimmer or thermotimer.

Suitable Media for Propagation

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    60,00 × 40,00 × 25,00 cm

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