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Romberg Heating Mat SkinnyHeat 60W, 95W, 135W, 195W

Art.nr: SkinnyHeat

  • extremely resilient, tearproof and waterproof
  • even heat dissipation
  • for ground areas from 55 x 55 cm to 115 x 115 cm
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The Romberg "SkinnyHeat" heating mats, used together with any of the growing tents currently available, provide the ideal conditions for successfully raising and cultivating plants. They consist of a rip-proof aluminium composite foil. Because of their particularly thin construction, fast reaction times are possible. This makes it child‘s play to achieve a temperature compensation of app. 15 °C in suboptimal locations such as on unheated floors or in cellars. The maximum temperature is app. 23-25 °C. "SkinnyHeat" heating mats thus afford an outstanding growing climate.

The simple handling of "SkinnyHeat" heating mats. They can be easily placed between the floor of the tent and the insert. It is recommended to keep a regular check on the temperature inside the growing tent. The temperature can also be controlled by means of a thermostat. "HortiSwitch", the Romberg thermostat including time switch can be obtained from specialised local or online shops. Ideally the thermostat ensor is placed centrally on the insert or in a side drainage hole of a pot or the growing medium.

The heating mat is not designed to compensate extreme temperature differences, the heat output can be negatively influenced by the ambient temperature. The foil is sealed for splash resistance but is not designed for use underwater.

  • Maximum temperature approx. 23-25°C
  • Heating mat made of tear-resistant aluminium composite foil
  • Specially developed for use in "indoor grow tents".
  • Fast response times thanks to particularly thin design
  • Heat compensation of suboptimal cultivation locations (e.g. cellars)
  • Perfect for optimal climatic growing conditions
  • Protection class: IP67
Please note:
  • Do not cut, fold or perforate the heating mat.
  • Do not use the heating mat if the foil, supply cable or plug are visibly damaged.
  • Do not use the heating mat as a heated cushion for people or animals.
  • Do not cover the heating mat with heat-sensitive materials while in use.
  • Keep the heating mat away from children - it is not a toy!
  • Do not use the heating mat underwater (e.g. in an aquarium).
  • Before using the heating mat, check all connections, cables and the integrity of the heating mat to avoid technical errors.
Available in:
  • Romberg Heating Mat Skinny Heat 60 Watt 55 x 55 cm
  • Romberg Heating Mat Skinny Heat 95 Watt 75 x 75 cm
  • Romberg Heating Mat Skinny Heat 135 Watt 95 x 95 cm
  • Romberg Heating Mat Skinny Heat 195 Watt 115 x 115 cm

Tillverkare: Romberg
Watt : 95 W60 W195 W135 W
Grow area optimal: 0,36 m² - 60x60 cm1 m² - 100x100 cm1,44 m² - 120x120 cm0,64 m² - 80x80 cm

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