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BIOBIZZ Bio-Heaven organic energy booster 250ml - 10L

Artikelnummer: Bio_Heaven

  • Energy booster for plants
  • releases plants from toxins
  • for growth and flowering phase
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BioBizz Bio Heaven is a 100% organic organic energy fertilizer. The product is suitable for supporting the entire growth and flowering phase to stimulate and strengthen natural metabolic processes. It frees your plants from toxins and improves nutrient absorption and moisture balance. The result is strong plants and a good harvest.

Application possibilities

For soil organisms, Bio-Heaven is a very good source of carbon dioxide. The micro-organisms create the best conditions for the root and general growth of your plants.

How to use BioBizz Bio Heaven

The fertilizer can be used during the complete growth and flowering phase. The dosage depends on the substrates used. As it is a highly concentrated product, between 2 ml and 5 ml per litre of water is sufficient. A growth plan helps to find the ideal dosage. The product can be used for soil, hydroponics and coconut substrate. The NPK value is 0.91-0.18-0.24.

The mixed solution can be added directly to the soil or substrate during irrigation or used as a foliar spray. The solution is not stable. It should be used up within 24 hours.

advantages of Bio Heaven

  • Guarantees the all-round supply of all important stimulants to your plants
  • It'll give your crops power.
  • Promotes the activity of enzymes
  • Supports the absorption of nutrients
  • increases the growth and formation of flowers
  • free of toxins
  • Improves moisture absorption
  • Optimizes soil life
  • Increases the yield
  • Improves the quality of the harvest

Available package sizes:

Bio-Heaven is available in five different packaging units:

  • BIOBIZZ Bio-Heaven organic energy booster 250ml
  • BIOBIZZ Bio-Heaven organic energy booster 500ml
  • BIOBIZZ Bio-Heaven organic energy booster 1 liter
  • BIOBIZZ Bio-Heaven organic energy booster 5 liters
  • BIOBIZZ Bio-Heaven organic energy booster 10 liters

The BioBizz brand

BioBizz is based in Spain and has been developing various offers for growers such as high-quality organic grow fertilizers, substrates and biological additives there since the 1990s. The company attaches great importance to a respectful and sustainable approach to the environment. The BioBizz products are therefore ideally suited for the organic cultivation of various plants such as flowers, fruits, vegetables or herbs.


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