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Stackable Mesh Drying Rack 72 x 72 cm

Artikelnummer: 10595

  • 72 x 72 x 15 cm
  • Perfect for drying
  • Stackable tray
105,97 kr
inkl. Moms. , plus Frakt
tillgänglig nu
Leveransdatum: 24.06.2024 - 26.06.2024

He who sows will also reap. And he who reaps will also dry. This drying rack was developed especially for this purpose. You can easily stack the drying racks so that even if space is limited, all the beautiful things you have harvested can dry properly.

You can place the drying racks in your grow box or grow room after harvesting, so you can use an exhaust kit with a carbon filter to filter out unwanted odours. Thanks to the breathable mesh material, mould on your plants is at least a thing of the past. This type of drying rack is the most commonly used product for evenly and safely drying your freshly harvested plants.

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 72 x 72 x 15 cm

  • Produktvikt: 0,40 kg

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