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BioTabs Startrex 1500 g

Art.nr: 15588

209,08 kr
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Leveranstid: 3 - 5 Arbetsdagar


BioTabs Startrex - Soil enhancer and organic fertilizer with high portion of probiotic bacteria

BioTabs is spatialized in the isolation and conservation of beneficial bacteria and fungi, so that the effectiveness is fully preserved until the application. The organic soil aid Startrex by BioTabs (NPK: 3-1-2) is characterized by a unique combination of useful humus, humic acid, silicone, streptomycetes, symbiotic fungi, and probiotic bacteria. This mixture enables a healthy growth, a rich harvest with extraordinary texture and natural taste. For the long-term conservation, the manufacturer was able to dehydrate mycorrhiza spurs during the germination. The bacteria are put into a resting state and start to wake up and reproduce when they get in contact with water.

Startrex can be used in soil, coco substrate, pots, as well as indoors and outdoors and suits for all kind of flowers, vegetables, herbs, trees and bushes. Mix 25g (2 tablespoons) with 5 liter soil or coco. For reused soil, remove the top 5 cm of soil as well as bigger roots. Leave the smaller roots and cover them with a new layer of soil, enriched with Startrex. After EU-regulation 889/2008 this CU-certified product is allowed for the use in the organic agriculture.

- Organic cultivation
- No pH- and conductivity measurement necessary
- Exclusive use of tab water
- Already used soil gets revitalized

Application for soil revitalization:
- Leave soil or coco in the pot
- Remove big roots and trunk
- Remove the top 5 cm of soil
- Mix 25g Startrex with 5 liter soil or coco and spread as a new cover layer
- Mix 8,5 l pot with 25g, 15 l pot with 50g, 25 l pot with 75g

Tillverkare: BIOTabs
Tillsatser: Jordförbättringsmedel
Gödning: organisk
Produktvikt: 1,68 kg
Innehåll:1,50 kg

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