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Grodan Rockwool Slab 100 x 15 x 7,5cm 10118

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Deliverydate: 03.02.2023 - 07.02.2023

Grodan Rockwool Slabs are the most popular growing medium when it comes to hydroponic growing.

- Cut a hole in the plastic sleeve the size of the rockwool cubes you are going to put on top.
- Usually one slab holds about 5 plants.
- Fill the slab with water to moisten all the rockwool.
- Then flip over the slab and cut some drainage slits in the bottom across the width.
- Flip the slab back over and place your fully rooted cubes on top of the slab so the roots can grow into the slab.
- Grodan Expert Slabs are perfectly suited for irrigation via a drip system.
- Usually the Grodan slabs are placed into a rockwool box or onto a danish tray/flood table.
- Grodan slabs come in a UV resistand plastic sleeve to prevent the growth of algae.
- Grodan slabs are pH-neutral and should be soaked to a pH-value of 5.5 to 5.8 before usage.

Dimensions: 100cm x 15cm x 7,5cm

Grodan Rockwool is spun from molten rock into fine fibers and then compressed into shapes like cubes, blocks, or slabs. Grodan has a unique position on the market because of manufacturing various types of fibers compared to other producers who cut everything from one big batch of wool. The purpose is to support the needs of the plants in different planting stages.
Grodan has a tremendous capacity for absorbing nutrient solution while retaining plenty of oxygen for a faster plant growth. Grodan comes in standardized sizes. Cuttings started in cubes are easily transplanted into blocks and then onto the slabs and can also be transplanted into other growing mediums like soil or coco.

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